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Where Do You Keep Your Tallboy Drawers?

Probably the most adaptable piece of furniture you have in your house is the simple Tallboy drawers. Literally, every room in your home could use Tallboy drawers. Here are a few of my favourite applications:

Hallway: A Tallboy drawer is a better place to keep the quantity of daily clutter that tends to accumulate in the corridor, regardless of the size of your hallway. Don't forget to make use of every square inch of space, especially the problematic areas near the staircase.

Living room: Since we often live in small spaces and accumulate a lot of belongings, why not replace the typical side table with Tallboy drawers?

Dining Room: If you can't locate a sideboard that fits, consider looking for Tallboy drawers instead. Sideboards are essentially a chest of drawers and a cupboard combo. In addition, several dining room furniture collections have corresponding bedroom collections, allowing the chest to match.

Bathroom: This one is simple; Tallboy drawers is perfect for storing bathroom necessities such as toilet paper, bath toys, and cosmetic supplies. Why spend money on a storage cabinet  if you can turn a chest of drawers into a sink unit? achieving a genuine designer look for a much lower cost.

Kitchen: Check out the interesting ideas at I really love the idea of using Tallboy drawers into a kitchen unit. The idea of having a versatile piece of furniture that can simply be wheeled in as needed is great because the majority of us do not have opulent kitchen spaces.

Bedroom: Using Tallboy drawers solely as a chest of drawers would be unfair, so why not utilise Tallboy drawers as a bed base? This is the ideal answer if you lack space, particularly in a child's room.

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