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The Best Way to Prepare Your Guest Bathroom for the Holidays

If you enjoy celebrating the holidays, your home is probably adorned with lights, holiday-themed decorations, the pleasant aroma of baking cookies or roasting a turkey, and other festive season-related items. Between November and December, visitors are a recurring aspect of the Christmas season. Long-term guests from out of town may be staying with you, or you may host dinner parties, cocktail parties, or simply a few pals stopping by for coffee and gingerbread. No matter what you have planned for entertaining, your guest bathrooms—whether a powder room or a complete en suite bath for overnight guests—should be as bright as the rest of your house. For a lively and spotless bathroom, use these suggestions.

Have an abundance of supplies on hand

Make sure you have enough materials available for:

  • Sanitizer for hands
  • Tissue and air freshener

These are some thoughtful extras to provide for guests if you want to go above and above for them, especially if they're staying the night in your house:

  • Brushing tools and toothpaste
  • Oral floss
  • Hand lotion Mouthwash
  • Skin cream

The bathroom door should contain a few hooks for robes, pajamas, and toiletry kits in addition to an empty drawer for your overnight guests to store their bathroom supplies.

Fire it Up

All year long, bathrooms require excellent lighting, but the gloomy winter months could use a little additional brightness. Dust off your light bulbs and fittings. If you think it's necessary, this is a good time to slightly increase the wattage. For additional amusement, get some battery-operated lights and put them in a glass jar; this can also serve as a visiting nightlight.

Invest in Special Towels

Get some lovely, opulent hand towels for guests to use because it's likely that everyone who visits your home will use the powder room. Pick up some lovely paper hand towels as well if you're expecting a lot of people; they're a little more hygienic in large gatherings. To make your powder room more festive, pick one of the two with a holiday motif.

It's a perfect reason to get some new, soft, fluffy, and attractive towels if you're having overnight visitors. Keep an eye out for specials at your preferred big box or department store as there are typically sales before Thanksgiving. Enough towels, including washcloths and hand towels, should be available for everyone. It would be best if you chose towels with seasonal themes.

Add a Seasonal Scent

Your guest bathroom will look nicer with a holiday-themed aroma added, whether you go with a diffuser, spray, candle, or potpourri. There are numerous choices available, including:

  • Vanilla
  • Pine
  • Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin
  • Hot chocolate
  • Sugar cookie

Avoid using candles if you know there will be a lot of kids around and choose diffusers or room sprays instead to lessen the risk of burnt or otherwise dangerous small fingers.

Make fun additions to holiday decorations.

There is no excuse not to decorate your powder room or guest bathroom with holiday-themed items. Hang some lights, add a glass vase filled with decorations or bright balls, arrange your favorite collection of dreidels, or change the bathroom décor to depict sleigh rides, Christmas trees, or anything else that gets you in the holiday spirit. Both you and your visitors will find it enjoyable. For Tallboy Bathroom Cabinets solutions, get in touch with Tallboys Direct.
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