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A Tallboy Wardrobe: What Is It?

A tallboy wardrobe is typically found in bedrooms. The term comes from the fact that it is higher and frequently narrower than other kinds of wardrobes. The bottoms of longer clothing, such dresses, can be stored in this way without being harmed or coming into contact with the floor of the closet. The best wardrobe of this sort will vary in terms of style, size, form, price, and materials used in construction, so finding one that appeals to the buyer's sense of style is frequently the deciding factor.

A tallboy wardrobe has historically included a set of two drawers at the bottom of the piece and a closet area on top of the drawers. Even while some types lack any drawers at all, this design is typically true of contemporary cabinets as well. In the 17th and 18th centuries, tallboys were common and served as the main means of clothes storage. The tallboy was less practical and had a slightly dated appearance as sliding door closets gained popularity and became more capacious.

While some tallboy wardrobe units are fairly elaborate, others have a more straightforward appearance. The most popular material for making such furniture is wood, which lends itself to elaborate carvings and decorations. Although inexpensive materials like particleboard or plastic can be used to create modern tallboys, these products often have a lower level of durability and appeal. However, because they are frequently less expensive, a customer on a tight budget might take these possibilities into account.

The tallboy wardrobe's inside layout can differ. Some closets have a shelf at the top of the closet, while others merely have a pole for hanging clothes. Inside the wardrobe's closet, there might also be a few short shelves that are good for holding shoes or other small goods. A hanging rod is almost always included in the wardrobe, and the doors to the closet section frequently hinge at both ends to open in the middle of the closet.

The low drawers frequently have handles or knobs that can be used to pull the drawer out when needed. Most tallboy wardrobes have drawers that extend the entire length of the unit, but some have smaller drawers that only extend halfway.

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